Friday, 9 April 2010

Rug Cleaning at Little-Persia

Little-Persia have recently invested in professional rug cleaning machinery meaning handmade rugs can now be cleaned more thoroughly and at a more cost-effective price. While maintaining your Persian or Oriental rug will keep it in good condition it is recommended to have your handmade rug professionally washed at least once every 10 years. The fine dirt and dust that can build up in the rug over time can be harmful to the foundations of the rug, settling deep in the pile and causing the foundations to become hard and brittle.

At Little-Persia we only clean hand-knotted rugs giving you the piece of mind that your rug will gain the care and attention that it deserves. The rugs are beaten, deep cleaned and shampooed before they are put through a rinse extraction machine to remove any remaining residue then finally hand-finished to ensure they are cleaned to the highest standard.

A full description of our cleaning process can be found on our Persian rug cleaning page.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Little-Persia are mid-way through their "Twelve Days of Christmas" promotion where new rugs are added to the sale each day leading up to Christmas Eve.

In total 78 rugs will be added to the one-time sale before being changed back to their original prices on 25th December.

Newsletter subscribers are first to gain access to this offer while others can find the reduced rugs on our Twelve Days sale page.

Visit Little-Persia today and sign up to the email newsletter list to receive all the best offers first.

Monday, 7 December 2009

More rugs than sense!

So the new rugs have arrived, that takes the collection up to around 1,500 rugs from all over Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, India, Pakistan, the Caucasus and a few from China. Try getting that in a Turkish or Persian Bazaar!

I think we have more rugs than sense.

The arrivals from Iran and India have many beautiful pieces with some of the best listed below:

A 3m x 2m traditional Persian Ardekan rug of high quality. We were actually sold this piece as a Kashan (illustrating its quality) but we believe it to be one of the better qualities of Ardekan.

A great value piece for a new Persian rug at around £2000.

This Sarouk rug really is a masterclass in rug weaving. Highly detailed with a very fine KPSI and just look at the quality and intricacy of the design.

An excellent piece for a collector or someone looking for a masterpiece of a rug.

A highlight from our Indian selection. This beautiful Mahal rug provides unbeatable value, a 12ft x 6ft hand knotted for under £1000.

It's unusual size would fit well into a long, narrow room or grand hallway.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

New Shipments to arrive in the coming week

More rugs! We're set to expand our already extensive collection of hand-knotted rugs later next week and early the following with deliveries due from Iran and India.

The 30 rugs from India have already been placed on our website and can be viewed by searching for our latest rugs.

A further 78 rugs will be arriving from Iran on the 23rd of November. Hopefully we'll be able to find a place for them all.

As mentioned before we are still considering reduced bids on any of our sale items and may grant special discount to anyone buying one of the new rugs before it arrives.

Persian Rug Calculator: Time to Knot

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